Hey cutie, and welcome to Pudding Puff, the TAFL approved fanlisting for the sweet-voiced tantrum-throwing Normal/Fairy type Pokémon #039, the hilarious Jigglypuff, known in the Japanese as Purin (プリン)! Jigglypuff is a ridiculous little thing and terribly hard not to feel some fondness for. If you do, please do consider adding your name to the fanlisting!

If you're also a fan of Clefairy, Audino, or Buneary, please visit the fanlistings I run for them, Wish Upon the Moon, Empathy, and Special Somebunny, respectively ♥

Please note: this fanlisting will be entirely functional, albeit rather bare bones until at least July 2020, as I am recovering from a serious illness. Thank you for your patience and please look forward to Pudding Puff's future incarnations! ♥